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We now have a theme store from which you can choose a variety of designs. Different people like different designs and aesthetics but using our theme store we have everything that would surely suit your needs.

We provide enterprise cloud servers. Which is also used by big tech companies like amazon and flipkart. Meaning your website will never get down.
We have a army of technical team. Which can work on anything,Solve any problem you face. So,forget worrying about technical issues.
Our creative team are super creative and creates new features frequently to keep your site ahead of your competitors. So, players will never leave your game.
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Player page
Our beautiful and easy to use gaming interface will keep your audience engaged. We have an AI generated realistic female voice which will hook your players up. We also have a variety of player page designs you can choose from. So,it will meet the design of wish and like. The game is designed in such a simple way for any age group whether young or old. Whether new or pro all will be able to navigate through our app and will be able to play with fun and joy.
Admin page
Our admin page is so easy to use. It's so efficient that you won't feel you are event running a business. Using our simple to use admin interface you will be able to set game. Create tickets and most interestingly you can now manage the agent system. Agent system makes your ticket booking easier and faster. All the information like agents details and tickets sold. And total earning all will be displayed in the form of a simple to understand table.
Agent page
Agent system is the must have features for any tambola business. We have made our agent page so simple that newly joint agents will just grab how it works and how to use it. All the details will be displayed upfront And need a single click to book tickets. The commission is automatically calculated to make your life easier as an admi. You can have as many agents as you wish. Most best part of new agent panel is that they can see each other information like who book which ticket. This make collaboration more easy and interesting.
Realistic voice
Have you seen other tambola websites which have robotic voices?. And definitely that sound may have distracted you from the game. That why we have generated super realistic voice using Artificial intelligence. This sexy female voice calling a number itself is so amazing to hear. This will keep your audiences engaged and hooked longer with your game.
Live chat features
Biggest trend in the 21st century is live chatting. Live chatting makes me feel connected with other players. Our website provide live chat system where players during the game will be able to chat with each other and have quick joke and fun discussion. This features is currently only available in our tambola website and play important role on giving best experiences to your customers.
Multiple dividents
When it comes to dividends (prizes) , the more dividends you have, the more engagement you provide to your players. As listing more dividends will ensure everyone get chance to get some profit during the game. We have a variety of dividends ranging from full house,half sheet,full sheet,top line,bottom,star....etc. You will get enough dividends to play with and list in front of your players.
Self booking system
Do you know what is better than cherry in a cake?. Yess its self booking system. I am not joking. Sending a screenshot to customers and booking is a tedious and ancient method. Our system provides a feature of self booking. Where customer and click on book this button and send directly to admin which ticket he/she wanna book. It saves a huge amount of time and energy. In business time is money. Faster you do, the faster you earn.
What if in the market there come new competitors with better design?. Worry not. We have a theme store. If your existing design get outdated then you just need to visit theme store and install new theme in seconds. Using our theme store you will be able to keep your website always fresh and attractive then your competitors. Theme Store will ensure your website stays ahead of others forever.